Take Me Home Projects was formed in the Summer of 2013 as a response to the London Art, Fashion and Food worlds’ embracement of Pop-Up culture.  The first event being an art exhibition in a domestic setting for London Gay Pride.  Used primarily due to it being an easily available, accessible location but then later appreciated for its unusual and refreshing detachment from the typical, sometimes sterile white cube space.  It’s reaction on our audience and the public was also noted, as the people that were attracted to us and the relationships that formed in these more, sometimes cosy and intimate, sometimes vast and kooky spaces, became just as important and relevant as the work or talents on display.

2015 has seen the start of more collaborations in the form of Supper Clubs, exploring different cultures, ethics and attitudes to food and creating friendly environments that encourage good hospitality, fun and festive times between different people from all walks of life across the capital.

As a collaborative, we strive to uphold diversity, equality and fairness. We work a lot with the London LGBTQ community, exploring ties between Queer culture and the Contemporary Art world. TMH’s Projects’ biggest event every year is our London Gay Pride Exhibition, which raises money for a relevant gay charity. We hope to continue this association and be able to stand with many more likeminded groups against gender, race, age and sexuality inequality in the near future.