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London Gay Pride 2014: Freedom To…

After the success of last year’s Pride show, Take Me Home Projects has continued its ventures in celebrating Fine Art in atypical locations across London, where the space, the works and the audience are all of equal importance. This year’s show takes its theme from London Gay Pride 2014: ‘Freedom to…’.

Taking place in an abandoned library, where the books ­– which contain the potential to expand the willing mind in all directions through cognition – have been substituted for other art forms, which hold the same ambition, and which see the union of the contemporary art world and London queer culture. The show brings together works by a variety of artists of different disciplines, backgrounds and sexualities. culture.

A library without books is a strange concept: it becomes redundant, confused, lost. A space usually humming with inaudible voices of the written word, the rustlings of pages, and hushed whispers, takes on a tangible and self-conscious emptiness. A place, which has been vacated of its reason for being, becomes wild, alien and unpredictable. It feels hopelessly deserted whilst aching for new life.

By taking over this site and filling it with pieces and bodies that speak to diversity, freedom and desire, TMH seeks to reanimate it, transforming this sterile, once-library space into a pulsating, focus of expression and movement.

Good books, like all art forms, are not silent. They create a storm in the mind. They are wild abandonment and escapism. This is what is put back into this vacuum, emptied of that cacophony. This is not a library to be silent in. There is no shushing. No tiptoeing around closed books. Everything is open and up for debate.

ARTISTS: Kybor Carlsen, Chris Ilankovan, Amy Cochrane, Gwennan Thomas, Gemma Land, Martin Potoczny, Justin Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Kelly, Miriam Maselkowski, Morgan Layton, Fannar Sveinn Gudmundsson, Cathy Ward, Sophie Crow, Steve Nice, Matthew Pagett, Paul Coombs, Paul Kindersley, Nick Blackburn, Danny Keeling, Enzo Marra, Oliver Zandi

Curated by Chris & Vicky Ilankovan


In support of London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard


Sponsored by The Sassy Drinks Company Ltd.

Photo credit: Chris Marchant