Pink Triangle

Pink Triangle 

10th – 13th October 2013 

The second installment of Take Me Home Projects will be taking place in another domestic location within the ‘Pink Triangle’, featuring three contemporary artists whose works reference dialogues within the present digital age.

Matthew Pagett

‘I think I’m like most people: an accumulation of layers, guises and skins, inherently contradictory and sometimes simple. My work reflects and expresses this build-up. Drawing, in various forms, is the most immediate medium for me and text also helps. I like to slow down moments to reveal other moments. The flickering digital screen, gating the kingdom of the past, is therefore an ideal place to source material from.’

Paul Coombs

Coombs’ array of new, collaged works suggests an indecisive and unrealised animation or an ontological map. Each individual image is discouraged from settling on one arrangement due to the proximity of its neighbour, creating a continuous reconfiguring and rearrangement of form and line. Combining self-made lino prints and printed ephemera, the works appear at once both new and aged, retaining a sense of times past and of histories and possibilities learnt from or disregarded. Echoing a process of self-adjustment and re-evaluation, the sequence of postures and reactions have no fixed order, neither starting points nor endings. They are a stream of shifting shape and tone dependent on the viewer to order, animate and place them.

Steve Nice

Working predominantly as a live performer and video artist, Steve Nice has exhibited and performed across the UK and internationally in theatres, museums, art galleries, cinemas, fashion shows, homosexual drinking establishments and nightclub toilets. His work is an ongoing series of weird emissions from paraspace, corrupted video dreams, visions of lost homotopias and voyages into virtual unreality…


Sponsored by The Lunchbox London


For photos of the exhibition, please click here.