Take Me Home Projects is an innovative collaborative which hosts events that aim to bring various communities together through the great uniters – food, art and performance.

Formed in the Summer of 2013, TMH has worked with many different venues, genres and people. From art exhibitions in abandoned libraries; supper clubs in artist’s studios to drag cabaret in basement clubs.  

Committed to equality we try to embody all our experiences with that message, by showcasing diversity in all its glory. With events that highlight areas and communities which are undermined, hidden or sometimes forgotten.  Our annual Pride in London show is an accumulation of all these elements and is always the highlight of our calendar.

The greatest and most important thing about our events is the people and the public that come along to enjoy our creations. TMH is a large and ever growing family of loyal supporters from all different walks of life with a willingness to explore, enjoy and eat it all up.

Looking forward to seeing you soon my dears!